The Christmas Keepsake Box

Sara and I were part of a webinar last night (sorry for the delay, we had some technical difficulties . . . thanks for your patience), assembling a Christmas Keepsake Box from our July recruiting promotion. If you joined us, I hope you enjoyed it. If you didn’t join us last night, the webinar was taped and is still available here.

Sara and I had a lot of fun doing the box; we are both in love with this beautiful project! I have to admit that we helped in the creation of it, so we are a little prejudiced, but I really think they are gorgeous! And they aren’t that difficult to make. . . a little time consuming perhaps (they probably take about an hour and a half, give or take a little) to make but definitely worth every minute.

We had some left over from our promotion, so the kits are now available for purchase in North America, and they’re an incredible bargain--$19.95 (US) or $24.95 (CAN). That includes all the pieces of the kit, already pre-cut and ready to go. All you need is the stamp set (Pines & Poinsettias), inks (Early Espresso, Real Read, and Wild Wasabi), and adhesives and cutting tools. Everything else is in the kit!

Everyone who sees the kit falls in love with it too! I’ve shown it to friends in their 20s and friends in their 60s, and all ages in between, and they all gasp and say how beautiful it is. We’ve already got a couple of classes scheduled to make it, and the girls and I are planning on getting together and making some as well. They make beautiful gifts for dear friends and family (mother, mother-in-law, sisters, best friends, etc.), gifts that will definitely be treasured and brought out year after year as part of their holiday décor.

In addition to the traditional box we made on the video, as always with stamping projects, you can change it up a little. Here are three different variations of the box, all using the product in the kit.

I laughed at Sara and I, because right at the beginning we told everyone to be sure to read the instructions, which are included in each kit, and we started off reading the instructions ourselves. But after the first couple of steps, we plunged ahead, completely forgetting about those instructions. If you’ve made the box before (which we both had), that’s OK, but if you haven’t, please do take the time to read the instructions first.

It’s pretty self-explanatory in most areas, but it always helps to have an idea of what’s coming up. And the most important step of all—and the one that people are most likely to mess up on—is the last step, where it says to lightly spray the box with spray adhesive then lightly sprinkle glitter on the box. Please note the word lightly. You can ruin the whole box right there if you’re not careful because the glitter can glob on the box so easily and you can’t get it off. (I know from experience!). And that would be terrible after all the time you’ve put into the project!

So check it out. If you’re a demonstrator, check out details here; if you’re a customer, talk to your demonstrator or visit to find a demonstrator near you. Creating this Christmas Keepsake Box is the perfect way to get into the holiday mood . . . turn on Christmas music, pull out some treats (chocolate, of course!), and sit down and enjoy creating gifts (for you or someone else!) for the season!