A Great Halloween Tradition

Last night, we had our traditional Gardner Halloween Party. I’m not exactly sure why I haven’t really been feeling it this year. . . maybe I was still recovering from jet lag from the Fiji trip, maybe I’ve been busy focusing on other things, whatever, I just haven’t been as excited about the party as in years past.

In fact, I actually wished we’d cancelled it a couple of times! It was fall break here in Utah, and many of the people we invited mentioned they couldn’t come because they were going out of town; even Sara and Sean left town with their kids for one last vacation before winter sets in! So as the date drew closer, I found myself feeling less than excited and worrying that no one would show.

I should have known better! It took all of five seconds after the first doorbell rang for me to remember why we do this every year. People were laughing, chatting, having fun, guessing who was under the costumes, and I was so glad we’d stuck with our tradition!


Each of the girls invited some of their own friends this year, so we had some guests we didn’t even know. That made it all the more interesting as we got to meet new people under more-fun-than-normal-circumstances.

As many of you know, we’re not game people, so the evening’s agenda was fairly simple. We had one guessing game (how many Oreos are in the jar—winner gets to take home the jar!), then we ate (a wonderful dinner of soup bowls and salad bar), visited, and handed out a few awards for memorable costumes.



Of course, I thought all the costumes were great; the costumes are the highlight of the party each year for me! I love to see how creative and clever people can be.

The dessert—cookies from a nearby bakery—is worth mentioning for two main reasons: First of all, they were very tasty, and second, Shanna, our family chef who cooks for pretty much all our family events, didn’t make them. She planned to make them, but she was feeling a bit under the weather.

She didn’t win a prize, but she definitely should get an award for the best news of the night. She came as an oven, and if you look closely you’ll find that what she’s cooking will be done about May 2012! Consequently, she’s feeling rather tired these days (fairly typical of the first trimester), and I have to admit that, while I missed her culinary talents, I’d gladly buy cookies from the bakery anytime in exchange for another grandbaby! We can’t wait! Congratulations, Shanna and Jared!