A Successful Group Meeting

Sara had her quarterly meeting last night, and it was definitely a success! We had only one agenda item: the Christmas Keepsake Box! (Click here to find out more about this great kit if you're a demonstrator; if you’re a customer, talk to your demonstrator or visit www.stampinup.com to find a demonstrator near you..) Every time I create one of these, I fall in love with the project more, and Sara’s group members only reinforced our feelings that these boxes are wonderful projects.

As I’ve mentioned before, they take awhile to create—I think our fastest crafter completed hers in about two hours. But they aren’t difficult, and there’s such a feeling of accomplishment when you finish. Both Sara and I commented afterwards how fun it was to watch their faces and eyes as they learned new techniques (the fabric flower, for example), completed portions of the box, and then finished the entire thing with a sprinkle of glitter.

I always enjoy attending Sara’s group meetings. She’s struggled through the years as an upline with holding regular meetings, but since she moved back from Washington two years ago, she has held them very consistently. Her group isn’t large, but it’s a fun, intimate group, and every group meeting is rewarding.

Last night they left in especially good spirits. And it’s always a bonus when you head home with a complete project, especially one as beautiful as the Christmas Keepsake box. Several left last night excited to hold their own classes and share the kit with others. And sharing is what it’s all about!