The Gardner Garden Harvest

The first frost in Utah is fast approaching, and I wanted to report on our first-ever Gardner Garden Harvest. Of course, we’ve been enjoying produce from the garden for weeks now . . . every few days, someone will stop by the garden, do a little weeding (we have an automatic watering system), and pick whatever is ripe. Our rule is whoever does the work reaps the harvest, and throughout the summer, each of our families has enjoyed home-grown produce.

Tomatoes were definitely our biggest crop, and we had plenty of those! Our kale did great, and we also had cucumbers, beans, herbs, onions, corn, and pumpkins. And near the end of the season, our strawberries finally started to flourish—we loved those!

We were shocked by our squash—you hear all sorts of jokes about zucchini being so plentiful that people pay you to take them, but ours didn’t do so well, and neither did our crookneck squash. We must have done something wrong. . . 

Overall, though, we didn’t do too badly for our first year! In fact, given that our few past attempts have ended in complete failure, we’re quite pleased! (In Sterling’s words, “Not everything died!”)

And a Gardner Garden is already on the agenda for next year!