Whirlwind Weekend

It’s been a whirlwind weekend, full of lots of things to do. Sterling and I originally planned on spending Friday and Saturday at a darling little bed and breakfast (the kids had given us a one-night stay as a gift), but Sterling’s uncle passed away, and the funeral was Saturday morning. So we’ll use the gift certificate another time . . .

Instead, I spent Friday running quite a few errands and spending some wonderful time with Shanna, who is dealing with the overwhelming responsibility of becoming a first-time mommy (to multiples!). I remember well the anxiety of that first pregnancy, the worries and concerns about being a good mother, and I was grateful for the chance to chat with her, help her work through at least some of her concerns, and just reassure her that all will be well.

Saturday morning and afternoon were spent at the funeral and those activities. It was nice to celebrate a life well lived and catch up with family members we haven’t seen in awhile.

Saturday evening I turned my attention to finishing things for our upcoming European convention. We’re gathering in Paris this year, and since Sterling is in school, Sara is going with me. I had (and still have) some last-minute work on my Main Stage projects. Then there’s packing and going over scripts and schedules and show flows, and just making sure that I’m aware of all the places I need to be and things I need to do.

I’m grateful for the many people who work hard to plan these amazing events and ensure that our time spent together is inspiring, rewarding, and worthwhile. I’m excited for this convention, the ideas and information that will be shared, and especially for the opportunity to meet with our wonderful  European demonstrators.

We also received word in the last week or so that we were invited back to the TODAY Show. For several years we’ve participated in the annual TODAY Show Toy Drive, and I’ve been privileged to appear for a few minutes on the show the last couple of years. It’s always a little terrifying and very exciting to have the opportunity to share Stampin’ Up! and what we do in just a few moments on screen.

I’ll be flying straight from the convention to New York City for that, so that’s added a little stress to preparations because we’ve had to make sure everything is taken care of for the TODAY Show as well.

And today, of course, I attended Church, spent time with family (knowing I’ll be gone for the next week and a half), and still tried to do a few odds and ends that were appropriate for the Sabbath.

I have much left to do and will probably be feeling slightly panicky tomorrow afternoon as time runs out, but I’m so thankful for the opportunities and blessings that are mine!