A Whole New World. . .

Life is different in the Gardner home lately—my sweetheart is a student!

It’s ironic that about the time we finally become empty nesters, we’re both so busy that we’re not really at home together very much! A couple of weeks ago, Sterling started a program at the Utah College of Massage Therapy, and he’ll be a full-time student for the next few months. Thankfully, it’s only an eight-month program, and we keep telling ourselves we can do anything until May, right? (Of course, he hopes eventually to become an equine massage therapist, which will mean more school after that. . . sigh.)

Sterling has always been kind of interested in being a massage therapist. When we moved here to Salt Lake City several years ago, he attended a two-week introductory course, and although he didn’t sign up then, he did say, “I think I’m going to do that someday.”

Now that someday is here, and we’re doing some adjusting. He’s been retired for several years and has shouldered numerous household responsibilities, run errands, and generally been my go-to guy for so many things. Now he’s getting up every day earlier than usual, heading off to school in his all-black uniform, coming home late, and doing a ton of homework.

So we’re finding new ways to do the things that need to be done. The girls text when they go to the store to see if we need them to pick up anything for us. I’m doing my share of the laundry and dishes (I’m counting the days until graduation!), and eggs and toast is probably going to be a staple at our house for awhile.

We’ve both got plates that are plenty full, and I’m actually the one with the more flexible schedule. Like I said . . . a whole new world! Of course, I’m completely supportive—I figure I’ll be the benefactress of many great massages, so I’m definitely not complaining.