Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

This blog will be mostly photos, not much to report about the weekend other than it was wonderful.

The weather was gorgeous . . . couldn’t have asked for better. Thanksgiving Day was perfect, with all the kids and grandkids here. We even had a guest (one of Sterling’s classmates who we invited to join us).

Everyone helped out, the food was delicious, and everything was fairly uneventful—and very enjoyable!

The rest of the weekend was pretty much puttering around, running errands, and doing odds and ends, including finishing the TODAY Show gifts (appearance on Tuesday, December 6) and packing for the Senior Adviser trip (leaving tomorrow).

So that’s a pretty short blog . . . I guess I’m just in a mellow mood, without much to say. Hope you all had wonderful Thanksgiving weekends too!

I won’t be posting while I’m on the Senior Adviser trip (heading to West Indies), but I’m sure I’ll have much to talk about when I return. I’m excited to spend the week with some awesome demonstrators—and Shanna.