A Riverton Holiday Celebration

We broke with tradition (change once again in the Stampin’ Up! world—it’s one of our principles!) this year in our annual holiday celebration. For the past several years, we’ve gathered in the atrium at the home office and enjoyed treats, caroling, service awards, and a message of thanks and appreciation.

This year, we met upstairs on the 4th floor instead. The gathering was a little more formal than our atrium celebrations, and I have to admit that I missed the caroling a little, but this morning was fabulous! I love our Stampin’ Up! employees!

Basically we gathered together to celebrate what we’ve accomplished this year. We’ve met two of our three goals—recruits (Congratulations, all you Stampin’ Up! demonstrators!) and Total Order Accuracy—and we’re very close to our sales goal with two weeks left in the year, so there’s still hope!

We also spent a little time talking about our vision and goals for 2012 and where we want to be investing our time and resources. The messages were Big Picture, with more specific details to be shared in the coming  weeks and months; I’m sure we’ll also be sharing those with our demonstrators in as many different places and ways as possible.

I could feel the excitement and anticipation in the room as our employees gathered together, and I was so thrilled to be part of it—this is an exciting time to be part of the Stampin’ Up! family! As I mentioned in my remarks during the meeting, I can feel the fly wheel starting to turn and gain momentum, and I am looking forward to the future!

One part of our holiday celebration didn’t change—recognizing our employees who have been with us for 5, 10, and 15 years. Each of these employees received a moment in the spotlight, a service award bonus, and our heartfelt thanks! (And I received a holiday hug, one of my favorite parts of the whole morning!)



We ended the meeting with a final expression of thanks and gratitude for everyone’s hard work this year, and then handed out the boxes of cookies we made yesterday! It really was a great morning!

And tomorrow we’ll be doing pretty much the same thing in Kanab—celebrating accomplishments, looking forward to the future, and recognizing service! (Check out the blog tomorrow for photos and specific details.)

Our international offices will also be part of the holiday celebrations this year; we filmed our meeting this morning and are sharing it in conference call meetings with each office. Plus we have our first international employee who has reached a service milestone—congratulations, Amanda  Maycock, who works in our Australia office!

Thank you, all!