Homemade, Handmade Gesture of Love

Yesterday (and even a few hours the day before) was busy!  I spent the entire day in the kitchen with Shanna and a friend of mine, baking 2,000 gingerbread cookies, topped with peppermint sprinkles! We used our fun, new Sweet-Pressed Cookie Stamps, which I’m loving more and more!

And then last night, our Corporate Team members and their spouses gathered for a quick dinner at our house, followed by assembling 500 hand-stamped gift boxes, tucking the cookies inside, and tying each one off with ribbon to create homemade, handmade gifts for our employees.

It was a busy, focused, FUN evening! I always enjoy spending time with our CT members, and adding their spouses to the mix is an added pleasure. We ate a great dinner quickly, knowing we had quite a task in front of us! It didn’t take us long to set up an assembly line and get things rolling. While it did take the whole evening, it was a wonderful way to spend an evening! I think we were all pleased with the idea of making something for our Stampin’ Up! employees ourselves (although I must recognize that several people at the home office did prep work as well—stamping, cutting, etc., couldn’t have done it without them!)

We’ll be handing out the boxes today at the home office and tomorrow in Kanab during our company update meetings. (Our international employees will receive a gift card but not these boxes—the cookies would be stale by the time they were shipped off, but we certainly appreciate them too!) I’m excited to celebrate this festive time of year with some of the most important people in our Stampin’ Up! family. . . . I’ll let you know how it goes!