It's Over!

Shanna and I are sitting here, completely spent, adrenaline drained. . . but content. Last night we had dinner at our favorite NYC restaurant, Serendipity, and Shanna scored at a massive maternity store we found. So our time last night was well spent! And today, despite a pesky frog in my throat, my TODAY Show appearance went well. Our demonstrators outside were FABULOUS, Kathie Lee and Hoda loved the Sweet-Pressed Cookie Stamps, and we got to be part of promoting a very good cause—the annual TODAY Show Toy Drive.

This is the third year in a row I’ve been invited to appear, and much of the experience was familiar, although you couldn’t have guessed by how nervous I was! I actually went to bed last night with butterflies in my tummy, which is very unusual for me. I woke up in the middle of the night, pondering different questions they might ask (I wanted to make sure I was prepared) and wishing I’d made a hand-stamped tag to complement the cookie stamps I was going to show. I finally got back to sleep, but spent the rest of the night fitfully.

We woke up early, Shanna forced me to eat a little oatmeal (she knew I’d feel sick if I didn’t have something in my stomach), and then we headed over to the Rockefeller Center. What an exciting place that is, especially during the holidays! We met our demonstrators there (we’d arranged beforehand with a small group of demonstrators to come and stand on the plaza and behind the window) to give them signs, then we went to the studio where I had my hair and makeup done (saw Jane Fonda there but couldn’t take pictures—against policy), then went to green room to hurry up and wait. (smile)

When I got called to the set, Kathie Lee and Hoda were wonderful, very friendly and welcoming. They even commented that I was a Diane Keaton lookalike, and I laughed because the girls have told me that same thing. I loved the way they welcomed me during the shoot, calling out “Stampin’ Up!” in unison during the introduction! I also loved that they called out the Stampin’ Up! “possee,” our group of enthusiastic demonstrators who had patiently jumped up and down and waved signs outside during the entire four-hour show! (Love those ladies!)

I did panic when I got the frog in my throat . . . wasn’t sure exactly how to handle that, but it turned out OK and I guess it makes me look human, right? I had a list of things I wanted to mention and I think I hit most of them. And I was glad they liked my outfit, although when they asked me to stand up and model it, I found out I was taped to the chair! That turned out OK too. . .

Really enjoyed the lunch afterwards with our group of demonstrators. We had a smaller group this year; we found out last year that if we were strategic, we didn’t need as many signs, and it worked out perfect this year. We couldn’t have picked a better group of demonstrators (plus a demonstrator’s sister); they jumped up and down and got us tons of valuable air time by being in just the right place at just the right time.

Overall, it was a stressful but memorable morning, and we’re grateful for the coverage, grateful to be a partner with the TODAY Show Toy Drive, and grateful that it’s over!  Shanna and I are definitely ready to come home—it’s been a long week and we both miss our sweethearts and are ready to be back in our own homes!