Minneapolis Musings

Just got home this morning from our first spring regional in Minneapolis, Minnesota—brutally cold outside (although the locals told us it can be much worse. . . brrrrrr!) but plenty of warmth inside! When I arrived on Thursday, it was so cold I swore I was staying inside the whole weekend, and I did! Room service every night (usually I get out at least one night for dinner with our staff), a warm bath, plenty of time to work. Although it warmed up a little outside and some of the staff ventured out, I was very content to enjoy Minneapolis in February from my hotel!

Weather aside, the weekend was fabulous—I LOVE regionals! We had a great crowd both days (Friday and Saturday)—our Saturday crowd was particularly lively! The minute they walked in, the room started bubbling with energy!

We’ve had a little break since our fall regionals, so it was fun to get back in the groove. Most of the presentations have been changed up a bit, and I continue to feel like I did in the fall—the pace is fast, the training is invaluable, and the ideas are amazing! Occasionally in past years I’ve struggled a bit in the afternoon—tummy is full from lunch, lights are low, feeling happy and content. . . I want to take a nap! But I haven’t had that happen at any regionals this year. There’s just way too much happening to even think about getting drowsy!

Our 3 o’clock home office snack tradition, which we incorporated in the fall regionals, has quickly become a favorite; I’m pretty sure we’ll be calling it our 3 o’clock regional tradition now. It’s a different snack every time. . . we’ve had popcorn, ice cream, chips and salsa, and this time we had cupcakes. Mmmmmmm. . ..

I had to fight the urge to break away from chatting with demonstrators and take tons of pictures—there were so many projects that I wanted to remember! (And unfortunately, my photographic memory is sadly lacking!) If I have to choose, though, I’ll choose spending time with demonstrators every day! The people are what our events are really all about. . .but I was very inspired by the projects!

I got to spend some time looking over a lot of the projects when I judged the contest, so I especially enjoyed that. I could have sneaked my camera out then, but I was judging in the back of the hall while someone was presenting on stage, and we encourage everyone to pay attention to our presenters, so I felt like it would be counterproductive to have me snapping photos in the background.

I usually show my regional project when I blog about the regional, but this weekend I showed a partial project —a gift that I’m going to give my girls for Valentine’s Day. I told the regional participants that they could check on the blog in the next few days to see the complete project. I’ll tell you the same. . .I should have it done by Tuesday or Wednesday, so check back. (I do have a Valentine’s surprise for my grandchildren that I’ll post tomorrow.)

Thanks, everyone who was at the Minneapolis regional, for a wonderful weekend. It’s great to be starting our spring round of regionals!