Valentine's Day Goodies

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day yesterday!

Mine was fabulous—although I spent half the day in meetings and in the office, I did manage to get home by 6 p.m or so and cuddle with my sweetheart a bit.

I wanted to share three Valentine projects with you. I would have liked to be so organized and on top of things that I could have posted these days ago so you could use them for your own Valentine’s Day gifts if you wanted. But that would have required me to get something done ahead of a deadline and . . . well, that’s just something I don’t do very often! (I can always dream, though, right?)

But I liked these projects and figured that if you did too, you could always either adapt the color palette and use these ideas for upcoming occasions when you needed gifts, or just remember them until next year.

The first gift is for Sterling, made from our new Petal Cone die. When I told Sterling I was going to show you the gifts, he got a little nervous and asked, “Are you going to show what was inside?” I assured him I wouldn’t. . . all you need to know is it was personal! You can tuck anything inside these fun new dies!

This next gift is for the grandchildren. I try to give them something for most major holidays. Inside the cello bag is a little candy (I’m not big on sugar highs in children!), a fortune cookie made from our new Love Impressions Specialty Designer Series paper, and those popular elastic bands bracelets (Valentine-themed).

Finally, I also try to give each of the girls some kind of home décor item, and somehow I thought that was good enough for the men in the family too! Silly me! Turns out that the husbands, while always gracious, didn’t realize those hand-stamped, home décor items were for them too! (smile)

So this year at least (I’m not promising to do this every year . . . just depends on time), there was a special Rice Krispy treat for the big boys! This treat is a family favorite—fill a funnel with marshmallow Rice Krispies and wrap it up in tin foil. For Valentine’s day, I added a fun little vellum greeting!

I’m finishing up the traditional home décor item for the girls, and will share that tomorrow, so stay tuned. . . .