Additions to the Holiday Vignettes

A few weeks ago I was over at Shanna’s house and noticed her Valentine’s holiday vignette (which is made up of home décor items I’ve given the girls in the past couple of years) and was surprised at how sparse it seemed. Then I was over at Sara’s house a few days later, and she had her vignette up as well, and hers wasn’t much better! “I better get on the ball,” I thought. “This is pathetic!”

So this year for their Valentine’s home décor gift(s) I focused on bulky items. I gave each of them some silk flowers in a vase and this beautiful frame . . . they fit the take-up-space bill nicely! I showed the frame filler at the Minneapolis regional last weekend, and the frame is the perfect finishing touch. I think the vignettes are starting to look better already!

Sterling and I are celebrating our anniversary this week and disappearing for a few days. (Actually, he’s involved in an endurance ride with his horses, and I’m taking along plenty of work, but I’m sure we’ll manage a few hours together!). I am going to take a little blog break until next week though. Have a wonderful weekend!