A Few Days with My Sweetheart

Sterling and I returned home this afternoon, after spending a glorious few days in Kanab. Sterling went down last week; I headed down on Saturday. I always enjoy the time I spend in Kanab, partly because my roots are in Southern Utah and partly because it’s always warmer down south, and I love to be WARM!

Our few days flew by, and I loved every minute. For the first time in a long time, Sterling and I were there alone. Sterling had planned to go out on a few rides (I was even thinking about going with him, believe it or not!), but while it was warmer than up north, it was still chillier than we had expected, and we ended up not going on any rides.

But we still had plenty to do! Sterling has a seemingly endless to-do list when we’re down there, so after breakfast, he’d head out. I stayed at the apartment, working on my own to-do list and enjoying the peace and quiet. While I didn’t get everything done I had wanted to (do we ever?), I did make major progress on several projects.

In addition, I visited with our employees at the facility, had a couple of meals with family members down there, and then Sterling and I spent the evenings together! It was just a deliciously peaceful, quiet few days—I’d highly recommend it for anyone! (Of course, I know some of you are in seasons where that’s simply not possible; I remember those seasons well! Enjoy them, and hang in there!)

And now we’re back home, where it’s freezing cold, by the way! Much of the United States has been slammed the last couple of days with frigid temperatures and snowy weather, and I’m ready to head back to Kanab already! Brrrrrr!!