The Vancouver Report

It was cold in Vancouver this weekend. I was surprised to see snow on the ground, which is unusual for this harbor city. But the temperatures outside certainly didn’t cool off anyone’s enthusiasm for our regional activities inside!

We are doing something different this spring; we’ve planned a couple of regional evening events. Designed for our demonstrators who can’t make it to the full-day event (either Friday or Saturday), these four-hour events provide a condensed regional experience. We kicked off at 6 p.m., and I was amazed at how much we fit into a few short hours! There were Workshops Wows, great demonstrations and presentations, plenty of stamping, and—because the group was smaller (about 60 or so)—a chance to have a more intimate experience.

Because there were fewer demonstrators, I set a goal to at least say “hi” to everyone there. . . I’m not sure I made it, because I do tend to be a little chatty sometimes, but I sure hope I got around to everyone!

I have to admit that it made for a late evening. . .wrapping things up at 10 p.m. is certainly later than when we usually end (before 5 p.m.). But everyone seemed happy, and I’m hoping they all thought the late hour was worth it! I know I did!

Saturday was back to the full-day schedule, along with a full crowd. We had about 300 excited demonstrators, who warmed up the room (if not literally, at least figuratively!). I have to admit that there are few things that are more fun to me than getting together with our demonstrators—there’s no better group of people!

I can’t say enough about the things I saw. . . Workshop Wows, onstage demonstrations, swaps. . . fun ideas everywhere I looked! I know I say that every time, but it’s absolutely true! I always leave a regional with new ideas, or a different take on something I’ve seen before. It never ceases to amaze me the creativity that is shared at these events!

Coming back to my hotel room each night was a treat as well; I love the Pan Pacific. It’s a beautiful hotel on the waterfront, and I lucked out this time—I had a corner room with one window overlooking the city and the other window overlooking the harbor with the mountains in the background. I didn’t shut the curtains the entire time! It was an awesome view wherever I looked!

While my stamping presentation at this regional wasn’t terribly complex (in fact, it was one of the most simple projects I’ve ever shared), it was one I was excited about. I always show a current project I’m working on, and this project is Sterling’s pre-birthday present. His birthday is this week, and he’s actually going to be out of town for his birthday—he’s going to a horse convention, believe it or not!

Some wives may be a bit offended that their husbands would choose a horse convention over spending a birthday weekend together, but I understand totally. Horses to Sterling are like stamps are to me, and basically, he’s going away to attend the equivalent of a Stampin’ Up! convention! I can hardly blame him for being excited about that, now can I?

But I want him to know I’m thinking of him. So I came up with these four pouches (one for each day he’s gone). So simple—I cut a 12 x 12 Designer Series Paper (ones without flowers!) in half, then folded it in half and adhered the two sides together. Once I fill a pouch, I’ll close the top as well, then label the front so he knows which pouch to open on which day. I know the pouches will get ripped open in seconds, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of time creating the pouches, but I still wanted them to look nice.

So that’s my Vancouver report. I left Vancouver this morning, leaving behind cold temps and a little snow for colder temps and even more snow in Utah. Sigh. . . . but I know spring is around the corner!