A Pick Line Pick-Me-Up

This morning I got to work on the pick line, always a fun experience! Our pick line workers literally fill thousands of orders a day—they’re amazing—but every once in awhile, when we get an influx of orders, we’ve found it beneficial to keep the line running, even when our regular workers take their lunch breaks. So an e-mail is sent out, asking for volunteers from throughout the home office to help pick up the slack.

I always look forward to those e-mails, because there’s an energy on the pick line, and in the Distribution Center generally, that is exciting to be part of! Just walking to my spot on the line creates adrenaline, as I greet others working on the line, then when boxes start coming my way and the lights light up and I start filling orders . . . I just love it!

The short, 30-minute shift also reminds me of my appreciation for the tremendous work that takes place in the Distribution Center. I’m not sure I could stand on my feet for an entire eight-hour shift, and if I could, I’m not so sure I’d have a very good attitude about it! But every time I’m in the Distribution Center, I am greeted by smiles and happy faces . . . I love our employees, and it was a privilege to help them out today!