Weekend Highlights

What a wonderful weekend!

It started off busy but fun. Friday night our house filled up fast!  Some of the Douglasses came over, then Megan and her kids arrived. Everyone was busy trying on their tops for our upcoming photo shoot, so there was lots of modeling and discussion going on. Shalae and Jon (who is here for his spring break--just in time for the photo shoot!) helped organize the whole effort. In the middle of that, Leslie arrived for the weekend—we had a houseful, that’s for sure!

Saturday, Sterling left for a few days to ride in warmer weather—cant’ say that I blame him! I enjoyed a pretty quiet day while Leslie spent the day with her daughter, and then that night Sara, Shalae, and I went to a shower for a good friend from work (I’ll post more on that tomorrow), which was a wonderful way to spend an evening!

Sunday Leslie and I went to church, and then we drove to Primary Children’s Hospital to visit one of her students who is there, diagnosed with leukemia. He is the son of two of our Kanab employees as well, so it was good to get an update on him and his family.

Later in the day Leslie’s son, Sterling, dropped by to visit for a couple of hours. He’s been home from his mission for only about a week, and he still has that missionary “glow.” He took my breath away when he walked in and gave me a big bear hug—partly because he’s so tall (and handsome) and partly because it was just so good to see him after two long years!

We had lots of family over for dinner, and before we ate, I sat on the floor with the grandchildren gathered around, and we all listened in rapt attention to Sterling talk about his mission.  He talked about the highlights and challenges, the things he missed, his decision to stay there while his mom fought her second bout of cancer, and so many other things. Every eye was on him, and the room was quiet as he talked—what a sweet experience! As I stole a look around the room, I saw people wiping away tears, enthralled by his stories and touched by the spirit they felt.

Not a better way to end the weekend! (The only downer was that I didn’t take a single photo. . . could have kicked myself, but hopefully I’ll learn. . . )