A Saturday Shower with Friends

I mentioned I’d blog today about the shower I attended with Sara and Shalae on Saturday night—what a delightful evening! I rarely have an opportunity to simply socialize with people I work with (although I certainly have great fun with these people while at work!), so it was nice to get together in a different situation. 

Pam Morgan hosted the shower for our own Jill Kocherhans, who is getting married on Saturday! It was a personal shower, so there were plenty of winks and subtle jokes as she opened frilly nighties and other personal items. We enjoyed plenty of laughter, and Jill was a wonderful sport!

In addition to the fun and friendship, there was fabulous food! Pam had invited everyone to bring a potluck item, along with one of their favorite recipes, and she presented Jill with an 8" x 8" recipe album, which I was very envious of! 

The theme was based on our Botanical Gazette Suite, so there were elegant colors and birds aplenty!  And the favor that Pam had for each of the guests was gorgeous as well!

By the way, thanks to those who responded to my Facebook invitation to share shower ideas. What a great list of ideas! I saved them and will definitely be referring to them as I shop for future showers! We ended up giving Jill a collection of personal items (here are a few of them), along with a nightie (didn't take a photo of it--I figured Jill needed some privacy!), all packaged in a deep-red purse (didn't get a picture of that either, but that was simply because I forgot!).