A Birthday Dinner--Italian Style

Had a great birthday dinner for Shanna last night . . . the first time in a long time that all 12 of the Gardner grown-ups were together! We’ve had dinners in the past few months, but one or two have always been missing, and while we always have fun when we’re together, it’s especially fun when we’re ALL together.

The event, as I mentioned, was Shanna’s birthday. We met at Cucina Toscana’s, an Italian restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City. Shanna chose the site, and because she’s our resident food expert/chef, she always picks nice restaurants. We told our waitress to “surprise” us, so she brought out quite a selection of different Italian dishes. It was fun to experiment and try some new things.

And while the main courses were certainly tasty, the dessert was the highlight of the night—Italian gelato! To die for!  Megan, Sara, and I had a lemon/strawberry mix, and I will go back for that alone. Kudos to Shanna—and happy birthday wishes as well!