That Time Again--Family Photo Shoot

Even though we’d wrapped up our family photo shoot yesterday before noon, I felt like I was wiping off makeup all day long—it goes on deep and thick for the shoot, a lot like the make-up we do for convention and other important events. The make-up artists do a fabulous job—we all look as good as we can look!—but it’s definitely more make-up than any of us normally wear.

Our annual family photo shoot is an important event though—something we all look forward to (and feel a little anxious about). So make-up (lip gloss for the little girls and even powder for all the boys!) is part of the gig, as are the electronic gadgets to keep the boys (both little AND big!) entertained, an all-you-can-eat bagel and juice bar, bright smiles, lots of patience, and the promise of Café Rio after it’s all over!

Our crew does a great job moving things along; it works as much like clockwork as possible, considering that they’re trying to get 26 people in the perfect pose. We shoot literally hundreds of photos and have learned through the years how to time things (pose adults and older children first, check lights, rearrange items, then calmly rush the youngsters in as close as possible to the “say cheese” time).

We’ve also discovered the importance of making sure little ones get to bed early the night before and have as stress-free morning as possible—that’s part of the family photo routine now! Truth be told, we do a lot of catering to the kids; if any of you have tried to take a picture of a cranky child, you’ll understand how important it is to keep the little ones happy! And with all of us working together, we do a pretty good job of spoiling them for the morning! The grandchildren actually look forward to the family photo shoot every year—it’s almost like a party for them! (They have NO idea what the grown-ups are going through to make it so fun!)

It sounds like a lot of work, and it is! We would never go through all this if we weren’t shooting it for the Idea Book & Catalog. I have to admit, though, I’m glad we have that excuse, because I am so grateful for our yearly family photos, pieces of family history that keep track of what’s happening in the Gardner family!