Orlando--A Happy Place

We took off in snow last Thursday, heading to our last full-day regional of the year. I took some comfort in the fact that we were heading to Orlando, so I knew the weather would only be getting better. And I was so right!

It was practically perfect in Orlando. In fact, I had dinner with an old friend on Saturday night and he mentioned that this is the time of year when people are tricked into moving to Orlando, thinking it’s like this all year long! I know I would sure be tempted!

We got set up early enough on Friday that we had a little extra time in the afternoon, and a few of us decided to spend a little relaxing time in the sun. I watched the clock very closely to avoid getting a sunburn, but I discovered that you can get burned even in the shade! I’m still red three days later, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be peeling big time!

The regional itself was, as always, awesome! I love our demonstrators, and I love spending time with them! Because it was the last full-day regional, we’re familiar with the agenda; it’s always nice to feel comfortable and know what’s coming up next. Of course, along with that comes a little sentimental sadness that we’re nearing the end of another year! (Although a few of us still have two half-day regionals next weekend in Montreal . . . I’m really looking forward to that!)

My stamping project at Orlando were these Easter eggs—quick, simple but pretty adorable holiday projects. They’re styrofoam eggs, covered with First Edition Designer Series Paper, accented with buds made from scallop punch card stock and seam binding, three different colors. Each of the girls will get a handful of eggs . . . I’m not sure how many of each color, depends on how many I can get made in the new few weeks.  (I’m sure you all know how that goes, right?)

With regionals done, our Events team will now be devoting much of their time and resources to preparing for convention!  And after next weekend’s half-day regionals in Montreal, I’ll be starting to look forward to Convention 2011 too! Hope you're planning on joining us. . .