A Night of Fire & Ice

Last night was our annual trek to St. George, where we participate in Dixie College’s yearly Fire & Ice scholarship fundraising event. Mom Pat and Megan are on the event committee, and we love supporting them—plus it’s a great excuse to dress up and have a fancy night out with the grown-up Gardners.

Some years everyone makes it, but this year Sterling, Sara (and Sean), and Shalae (and Jon) couldn’t make it. Although we missed them, the rest of us had a fabulous time!

St. George is just far enough away that we usually stay overnight in a hotel. I drove down with Shanna and Jared, and we met Sage and Megan at the event early enough that we could check out all the auction items, and enjoyed a great dinner!

We won a few auction items, one that I was particularly excited about. Last year there were some cupcakes that we bid on; I’m not necessarily a cupcake lover, but those cupcakes were so beautiful that I wanted them—badly. We lost last year, so I told the girls that this year we were leaving with cupcakes! With one minute left in the silent auction, I casually (I hope) strolled over to check out the bid sheet, made sure ours was the last bid, and then stood guard (again, casually—I hope) to ensure it stayed that way. (smile)

I felt quite triumphant carrying the box back to the hotel, and we had it open within moments of getting into our room. I won’t tell you how much we paid, but let me assure you that those cupcakes were worth every penny! We all agreed that the chocolate ones were best. (Some of you may want to know where the cupcakes came from, but I don’t have any website information. So sorry. . .)

It was fun to wind down last night after the dinner at the hotel, chatting and relaxing. Today we had a late lunch with family in St. George before heading home tonight. The weather was absolutely gorgeous in southern Utah, so it was kind of hard to leave that behind, but tomorrow Sterling comes home and we’re celebrating his birthday. So there is something fun to look forward to!