Easter for the Grandchildren


Every year I give the grandchildren an Easter gift, and I thought I’d share! You may recognize this cute little Easter basket as my stamping project from the Montreal regional, only in a different color; this is a perfect example of how simply changing out the color palette of a project gives it a completely different look!

After I made the basket in Montreal, one of the girls suggested using the more subtle pastel colors because it would coordinate better with the Spring vignette that they each have. Turns out the baskets look adorable hanging from the tree or nestled among the other home décor items. So I think there will be some moms who “borrow” these baskets to add to their vignettes after the candy is gone.

Of course, the colors also coordinated perfectly with the Cadbury chocolate eggs (a favorite Easter treat of. . . well, everybody, right?), so that was a bonus. And I’m putting enough eggs in the basket that the parents can have a few nibbles of chocolate too!

Every year we also give each of the families a children’s book, and that’s always the part of the gift that means the most to me. I have a hard time with Easter eggs hunts and Easter bunnies because, just like Christmas, I wonder if the real meaning of the holiday sometimes gets overlooked or lost. So the books are always the main focus for me.

I love children’s books, especially when I find a book that has both a powerful story and beautiful illustrations; this book has both. And it’s especially meaningful because it tells the story of a grandpa who goes on a treasure hunt with his grandchildren to help them discover the real meaning of Easter.

And the real shocker? I’ll have these gifts done—and delivered—before Easter! I know, it’s hard to believe, but when you have a little help from your daughters, you can do almost anything! (smile)