The Gardner Family Garden

Believe it or not, the Gardner family is attempting a garden this year!

We’ve really never gardened much before. We’ve had a few failed attempts, but every time something green has poked out of the ground, the deer get to it before we do, and it’s been rather discouraging.

But this year, it’s going to be different!

We’re actually going to do a community Gardner garden, one that all of our family members are going to work on together! We identified an available plot of land near Courage Reins and assembled together last night for our first Gardner Garden family home evening.

Sterling had spent most of the day gathering the supplies and tools (we’re trying the Square-Foot Garden approach), I was responsible for the sandwiches, and the girls brought the extra hands (husbands and kids!).

We do live in Utah, of course, so that means that during the springtime, if you don’t like the weather, stick around for 15 minutes and it will change! And that was definitely the case last night. We all came prepared for chilly, even rainy weather, and we weren’t disappointed. Although things started out sunny at 4 p.m., by 5 it was dark and pouring rain. We considered calling it quits, but we waited a few minutes and were rewarded with sun again! What a roller-coaster weather ride!

In between ducking under the roof for cover, some cut the wood and prepared the ground and others painted the wood (we also came dressed in clothes that we knew might be permanently stained). By 7:30, we were carrying the wood into the barn so it could dry (it was raining outside again!). The kids were having so much fun that they didn’t want to go home, but the grown-ups decided it was best to leave them wanting more!  So we called it a day and promised everyone we’d get together to do more Gardner gardening soon.

They can’t wait, and to be honest, neither can I! I’m excited for the chance to spend some great time together, make more fun memories, and teach the next Gardner generation the value of hard work! That’s really one of main reasons many of us do gardens, isn’t it? That—and the to-die-for fresh produce!