Warmth in Montreal

Heading to Montreal the first week in April, I was expecting cold. I mean, I knew it wouldn’t be the dead of winter, but I also knew it wasn’t summer there yet either. So while I was VERY excited to spend time with our demonstrators who had gathered for our last regional of the season, I was not very excited about the chilly temps I expected. The weather ended up being warmer than I expected, and I was pleasantly surprised.

We didn’t get much sightseeing done; we never do—that’s just not what we’re there for. But from what I saw, Montreal is a beautiful city. The view from my hotel window was fabulous, and I did get to see a little of the city on a cab ride to yoga class (as part of my personal +One goal, I’m trying to do yoga at least three times a week, which means that when I travel I get to explore a little on my way to class). And as a warm weather girl, I didn’t spend the whole weekend huddled in a sweater for warmth; it ended up being warmer than I expected! Pleasant surprise!

A  highlight was breakfast on Saturday morning. Our general manager had set up breakfast meetings with small groups of demonstrators (including at least one bilingual demonstrator) for each of the home office representatives. We got to chat, gather information and suggestions, and share ideas; it was a wonderful opportunity to get to know demonstrators on a very intimate level. After finishing with my group, I also visited briefly with the other two groups as well, so that was an extra treat!

And the actual regional experiences were fantastic! I have to admit that I was nervous about the language being a problem; before I arrived in Montreal I knew three words in French (oui, merci, and bon jour). I learned two more at yoga (the words for “change” and “push,” which really aren’t useful at a Stampin’ Up! event), but I was definitely intimidated.

I should have known better! From the moment we opened the doors, I knew we all spoke the same language of enthusiasm, love, and creativity! I felt welcomed by everyone I talked to, even when we had to stumble a bit over actual words! What an amazing experience! We did have simultaneous translation during the actual regional itself, so our French demonstrators got to hear everything in their own language.

An added bonus was that our translator also translated the French portions of the regional (Workshops Wows, the sample workshop, etc.,) into English, so the English speakers got to experience a bit of the wonders of translation headsets as well!


My stamping project was this little Petal Cone die Easter basket. I was inspired by several baskets I’ve seen created from this die, and this one is just a variation. Maybe it will spark a little creativity for you. . .

So all in all, Montreal was amazing! Even if it had been the dead of winter, the genuine love and enthusiasm generated by our demonstrators would have warmed everything right up! I can’t wait to go back!