Not the Trip We Planned

You may have noticed that I haven't posted for a few days--I took a few days off to go on a ride with Sterling. Which, by the way, means that Sterling went on a ride, and I went along for the ride. (smile)

Sterling had planned to compete on an endurance ride down in southern Utah with several friends, and we were looking forward to a wonderful, long, WARM break. As it got closer to the day we were supposed to leave (last Wednesday), we realized the weather wasn't going to be as warm as we had hoped, but we still expected it to be beautiful (we both LOVE southern Utah), so off we headed with high expectations. 

Partway down, we realized that Sterling's truck had a problem. Long story short--the water pump went out. Although he was told he shouldn't drive it, we weren't anywhere close to anyplace that could replace the part or fix it, so we bought gallons and gallons of coolant and drove until we found someplace that could fix it--although not until Thursday! So we left the truck in Cedar City and called a friend, who towed us to the camping spot! (Thank heaven for good friends!)


Thursday dawned cloudy but beautiful, and actually did turn out as planned. Sterling and his friends went on a great endurance ride (there were a couple of newbies on the trip, and Sterling was hoping they'd enjoy their first ride--they did!), while I went into town to have lunch with my mom and sisters. I picked up the truck afterwards and headed back to camp, where we just sat around, chatting and relaxing. It was perfect!

Until it started raining. At some point during the night, the rain turned to snow. When we woke up Friday morning and looked around, we knew we needed to get out. We were camping on red clay, and we've had enough experience with that stuff to know that if it got too wet, we would be stuck there for days!

So we enjoyed another unplanned day! We spent all morning breaking camp and helping everyone get on their way. We called the same friend we'd called on Wednesday, who once again came to help. Some of the trucks weren't equipped to get out of that kind of mud, so we drove back and forth several times, towing people and horses onto paved roads. And then we headed home, arriving a whole day earlier than planned. 

That meant that today was wide open! Nothing on the agenda, nothing planned. We took advantage of that and had a wonderful date day, doing things we normally don't do. It was fun to be spontaneous, and I am so thankful that, after 31 years of marriage, I still love spending time with my sweetheart!