Hijacking, Stamp Spaces, and Makeovers

Thought that title might pique your interest!

I (Sara) am hijacking Mom’s blog one more time before she gets home from Australia.

Yesterday I posted about Mom’s and my stamp spaces being included in Creating Keepsakes’ newest special issue, Creative Spaces. And it got me thinking about stamping spaces and our Surprise & Delight Stamp Space Makeover contest.

We announced the contest (which is open to all Convention 2011 participants) in March, and, in a nutshell, Shelli will make over the winner’s stamp space! How awesome is that!

Now I have to admit that we haven’t had very many entries, and I’m baffled . . . seriously! No one wants Mom to come design their workspace? I LOVED having Mom help me with my stamp room. BUT—and this is a big but—she didn’t pay for it! Stampin’ Up! will be footing the bill for the Surprise & Delight Stamp Space Makeover!

Maybe people are intimidated by the fact they have to make us a video in order to enter the contest, but that’s so easy! Take out your camera, push the video button, and start shooting! Then transfer it to a DVD, and send it in.

Maybe you’re concerned that your tastes might not match Shelli’s. I can assure you that Mom is going to work very closely with the winner, and the end result will definitely be something you’ll be thrilled with.

Maybe you’re worried about Mom visiting you. Can’t be that! Shelli is Shelli. . . I’ve never met a more warm, genuine person. (And I’m not just saying that because she’s my mom!) She won’t be staying overnight at your house, she’ll bring her own food, and spending the day with Mom is one of the most enjoyable experiences ever!

Whatever is holding you back, don’t let it! If you’re planning on attending convention, what do you have to lose? Give it a try! Check out the details here, and send us your video! You’ve got a great chance of winning!