The Lake

Well, we’re home, and our week on the water was everything that the lake always is—and more!

Our first day was slightly breezy, which was actually a good thing, because we could find a place to anchor that would be calm, even in the wind. We settled in a little, private cove, fairly close to the marina (we knew we’d be coming and going throughout the week), with shallow water that was ideal all week long, even though the lake itself was rising almost 8 inches a day!

There’s  much about the lake that is familiar . . . our attire is almost exclusively pajamas or swimsuits, our menu is the same just about every year, we spend hours and hours playing in the water, and we enjoy the peace and tranquility that we always find at Lake Powell, especially when we’re all together. And everyone except Nate made it this year; we missed you, Nate!

This year there were a few new things we enjoyed as well.

We had access to a couple of kayaks, which the kids loved! Even the younger grandchildren (down to about age five) could climb in and paddle around. They offered a new water option that provided a little more free time for the grown-ups.

We watched new things happen with our older grandchildren. As they enter their “tween” years, they enjoy spending time together even more; they’d hang out, talking and joking. And when one got up on the wakeboard, it seemed to motivate the others to try harder—and succeed—as well. And I added more food to our shopping list for next time . . . I should have figured that one out myself! 

Shalae and I got in a couple of yoga sessions; we even convinced Sterling, Shanna, and Sidney to join us one afternoon! Of course, it wasn’t a real workout; without the heat and humidity, we were really just doing yoga poses and stretching, but it was definitely better than nothing.

One thing I had promised myself is that I would spend some time with My Digital Studio on this trip, and I did! Sara helped me explore and discover, and I’m hooked! I created a few pages for an article in an upcoming issue of Stampin’ Success, and I have a few more projects I’m working on too. I love how simple and easy it is to scrapbook, and while I’m a hands-on, stamp-and-pad traditionalist, and will likely always do some traditional scrapbook pages, I can definitely see My Digital Studio in my scrapbooking future as well!

So, now we’re back in the real world. In fact, I’m getting ready to head off to Europe next week for our annual incentive trip. Can’t wait to see some of our European Stampin’ Up! family! I’ve been gone quite a bit the last few weeks, and I’m missing my own bed, but I’m grateful for so many other things. I’m sure I’ll post one more time before leaving!