Simple Thoughts

As I’m packing tonight (we’re leaving for our European incentive trip tomorrow), my thoughts are drifting over today and I thought I’d share those thoughts with you. They’re simple thoughts . . . thankful thoughts.

I haven’t been in the office since the middle of May, so it’s been awhile. I only had a few hours today, but I took advantage of that time and did what I call a walk-about. Sometimes on my walk-abouts, I stop and chat with people, but today, since my time was limited, I mostly observed.

I didn’t hit every cubicle, but I did hit every floor as well as the Distribution Center—and it was overwhelming. On more than one occasion (thankfully when no one was looking), my eyes filled with tears of gratitude—gratitude for the people I work with, gratitude for our nice surroundings, gratitude for who and what we are and are trying to be.

Tonight, again, I’m filled with gratitude as I look back at the day—and forward to tomorrow.

So those are my thoughts—simple as they are. Thank you.