Heaven on Earth

While there are a lot of times and places that I feel like are heaven on earth (pretty much anywhere and anytime I’m with my family!), there’s one place in particular that I LOVE—Lake Powell. Our time on the lake never fails to provide an escape (even when I tote bags of work with me, which I do pretty much every year) from the hustle and bustle that is real life.

We discovered the fun that Powell offers years ago, and have tried to go every year since. In fact, we “protect” our Lake Powell vacation as fiercely as we protect anything. My assistant knows that our Lake Powell vacation is sacred, and while there have been times when things have come up (as they often do), we always manage at least a few days on the lake.

So, we’re off to the lake. . . ready to spend long days in the sun, relaxing, playing, chatting. . . just enjoying the chance to get away from it all. (Well, kind of. I do have two must-do work assignments: an intense learning session or two with Sara teaching me My Digital Studio and checking out the dozens of submissions we received for the Surprise & Delight Stamp Space Makeover contest.)

I’ll check in when I get back. . . .