Whirlwind Weekend

Just wrapped up a whirlwind weekend full of family activity—on Friday, we attended a funeral and life celebration of my Aunt Elaine, one of my favorite great-aunts and a wonderful lady who was in her nineties and lived a full, fabulous life!  I enjoyed the chance to honor her and spend some time with extended family members!

On Saturday, my niece Katie and Steve were married. We attended the wedding in the morning and luncheon in the afternoon, then we hosted the reception at our home in the evening! The weather was practically perfect, the house was decorated beautifully (my other niece Cierra handled that), and the food was lovely (Shanna catered the refreshments, and Cierra was her right hand throughout the evening). Everything was great . . . we didn’t even panic when we had more people show up than we had expected!

Normally when I blog about family activities I post pictures, but funerals aren’t typically photo-shooting opportunities, and I felt like the wedding and reception are Katie’s and Steve’s to share. . .

So that was our weekend! Busy, and we’ll only be busier this week. This is Convention Week, one of my favorite—and most hectic—times of year. My to-do list is miles long, and I’m pretty sure I’ll run out of time before projects, but I’m so excited!

I’ll share it all with you early next week!