A Happy Fourth!

It was a wonderful red-white-and-blue weekend for the Gardners!

Traditionally, we all head to Kanab, where we enjoy the small-town atmosphere of patriotism! Few things are more American than a small-town parade and watching fireworks with your neighbors!

This year, however, it didn’t look like it was going to happen. Most of us have been traveling a fair bit recently, and the idea of staying at home sounded so tempting.

We heard about a small community celebration right here in our backyard, and we were all over it.

We spent a wonderful evening enjoying fried chicken and coleslaw, being entertained by clowns and cowboys and a one-plane air show, watching the kids get their faces painted, and then wrapping it all up with the traditional fireworks.

While we missed our Kanab neighbors, we feel like we got the best of both worlds.

On Sunday night we got together for a BBQ and spent some time talking about the great country we live in and the incredible freedoms we enjoy. We are blessed to live here and are grateful for the men and women who have fought--and even died--so that we could live the way we live today!

Hope your Fourth was grand as well . . . regardless of where in the world you live!