So Many Possibilities . . .

This week, Sara, Shalae, and I sat down and watched all the entries to our Convention 2011 Stamp Space Makeover contest—we had so much fun! It was delightful to see the different stamp spaces people work in; we have some very creative demonstrators who make the most of the areas they have!

This photo shows us laughing, but we weren’t laughing at people’s spaces . . .   honest. We had more than 100 vidoes to watch, and even though they weren’t long, by the time you put them in and out of the DVD player, and then watched them, it took several hours, and it was the wee hours of the morning by the time we finished. We were tired—and giddy! Plus, several of the submissions were very creative and entertaining . . . LOVED watching those!

I don’t know if you remember, but a few days before the deadline, we had very few entries, and Sara guest blogged (I was out of town) and reminded everyone to send their entries in. Her reminder worked! We saw so many great areas that had so many fun makeover possibilities.

I can’t tell you who the winner is until after convention (it’s one of the convention announcements . . . . ), but I can tell you that it was hard to choose. We all love creating and know how important a great space is, so we would have loved to choose them!

Once we start working on this project, I’m sure I’ll be posting about it. I think we’ll be doing a full report in Stampin’ Success, but I’ll share bits and pieces. So stay tuned . . . maybe what we come up with will help inspire you make some changes in your own stamping space!