Our Strawberry Ride

Every year we try to get together at least once with a group of riding friends—we call it our Strawberry Ride, because we usually camp near Strawberry Reservoir here in Utah, a short hour-and- a-half drive from our home. 

Because it’s so close, those who ride (and that's everyone but me) have time for a short ride in the evening, and then there’s time for a longer ride the next day.

We also enjoy visiting over the campfire and catching up.  It’s a quick trip, but it’s one I look forward to because I enjoy the company, as well as the chance to relax a bit.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t ride on these outings. I take work with me, as well as try to catch up on reading. This trip Shanna came as well. She went on the short evening rides, but stayed back at camp with me on the long ride (she was banged up in a moped mishap and was taking it a little easy), so we got to chat as well. 

Those who ride always come back to camp talking about how beautiful the ride was, and I enjoy the scenery at camp as well! Taking the time to enjoy and appreciate nature always seems to bring peace to my soul, and I think others feel that way as well. So it was definitely a peaceful trip!