Another Summer BBQ Success

Yesterday was our annual summer barbecue and volleyball tournament at the home office. We’ve done this for several years now, and I’ve blogged about it for several years, so forgive me if I repeat something. . . .

I do love this summer celebration. Years ago, we used to sponsor a family day at an amusement park, and while that was enjoyable in a different way, I have to admit that I like what we do now much better! When we went to the park, I didn’t see very many of the employees because they were off with their families. And while that was definitely a good thing, I just really enjoy visiting with the people I work with!

Today I sat and watched several of the volleyball games and chatted with others who were doing the same. I enjoyed seeing a different side of our employees—a much more casual (and in some cases more competitive) side. We all get to dress casual, so everyone was wearing capris or shorts, T-shirts, flip flops. . . the type of thing our dress code normally doesn’t permit. And the more casual style created a more lighthearted mood. . . there was plenty of laughter and fun!

Every year our volleyball tournament gets a little more exciting. We put up the nets a week or so ago so teams who had signed up could practice on their breaks or after hours, and I know several teams did exactly that. In addition, I heard that at least one team practiced offsite. Now that’s dedication—or competition!

I enjoyed watching the games, and while I knew I couldn’t have a favorite (that just wouldn’t be right!), I did watch one team with particular interest. Each team has a name, and one team had dubbed themselves the So Shelli Collection! I was quite proud of them for making it all the way to the challenge round, finally losing to our perennial champions, Team Zilla.

It was a very hot day—almost 10 degrees warmer than our average temp for this time of year, and I was very grateful for the occasional light breeze. But I’d rather it be warm than stormy. . .  and we’ve had plenty of that weather this summer! The food was, as always, delicious as well. I just can’t think of anything that could have been improved on. I would definitely call it another successful summer BBQ!