Best Vacation Ever!

Earlier this year we were at a fundraising event, and one of the items that came up for auction was a week at a vacation home on the beach in Cabo. The house had six rooms and six bathrooms . . . just enough for each of our six adult families to have some privacy. We bid on the vacation and were thrilled when we won it—we were helping out a great cause, plus we had a great excuse to plan a Gardner Grown-Up Gathering!

So last week we flew off to Cabo—Sterling and I and each of our girls and their husbands. We have wanted to get away with just the grown-up Gardners for years (the last time we did it was eight years ago, when only two of our girls were married), but this was the first time we’ve been able to make it happen.

It definitely won’t be the last! It was the best vacation ever! I LOVE spending time with our family, and I adore our grandchildren. But guess what? I discovered that when you travel with all adults, you don’t have to worry about entertaining people, or cleaning up after people, or taking care of people. Imagine that!

We arrived in Cabo on Saturday afternoon, and spent the evening getting settled in. On Sunday, we headed into town to attend church. We had kind of a hard time finding the church; I even wondered if we’d miss the meeting. But then Shanna got out and showed off her Spanish-speaking skills with the locals, and we found the building. The meeting was wonderful—even though it wasn’t in English, we felt the Spirit and loved participating in song and prayer. It was a perfect way to start off the week. 

The rest of the week was routine—we did the same thing every day, which was pretty much nothing! (smile) We got along perfectly, spending lots of time together, relaxing by the pool, riding scooters, reading and visiting. Yet when we wanted to have a break, there was plenty of time and space to do that as well. No one was offended if one or two of the couples went into town, or went snorkeling, or took a nap, or went for a walk down to the beach (it was a rocky beach, not sandy. . . offering a breathtaking view but definitely not for swimming or sunbathing!).

In the evening, we went into town for dinner, then came back to the house for dessert and a movie. Utterly, completely relaxing! It was so refreshing—I came back feeling rejuvenated and absolutely spoiled!

It was fun to watch our children (I always count the husbands as our children) interact as couples and adults rather than as parents. They are wonderful parents, and we’re very proud of them and their children, but what a treat to be able to spend a few precious days together in a setting that we had never experienced before!

So we came back this weekend, ready to tackle anything and everything life has to offer! We’re all rested and relaxed, we’ve made some great memories, and we’re committed to doing it again!