A Full Agenda

Sara, Shalae, and I are heading off to the Founder’s Circle this morning. The drive to St. George is about four hours, and for the past several days, we’ve been putting together an agenda of items we need to discuss on the way down—it’s plenty long!

The girls come into the office several times a week, but our paths actually don’t cross all that often. We attend the weekly Corporate Team meeting together, but other than that, they have their own assignments and responsibilities and are kept busy attending their own meetings.

So we’re actually looking forward to getting quite a bit accomplished on the way down.

And once we get there, I probably won’t be blogging. The Founder’s Circle Retreat is all about recognizing some of our top achieving demonstrators, and we spend as much time as possible with these outstanding women—honoring them, listening to them, and just spending time together!