Home from Founder's Circle

I had several demonstrators who have attended previous Founder’s Circles come up to me during this one and mention they felt it was the best one yet. I, too, shared that feeling, but as I was thinking about it, I’m not quite sure why.  Every year is fabulous, and I look forward to this event! But this year, with few exceptions, there was an extra spirit of caring and reaching out (especially to first-timers) that made our few days in St. George particularly enjoyable.

I should have sensed that from the first night! I had to work particularly hard to get everyone’s attention at our welcome dinner (smile). . . there was such a hum of conversation. Of course, that’s not a bad thing, and I didn’t mind having to do a little more “shushing” than normal.

The decorations and theme this year were based on a Tea Shop, so every day we had a new herbal tea and at least one pastry to try. That was fun! And if you didn’t like the tea and treat (or even if you did), the Gathering Place was packed with candy and treats pretty much 24/7. On top of that, our meals were lovely. I visited with the chef; he’s the same chef we’ve had for the past several years—and the food has ALWAYS been delicious—but this year I was particularly pleased!

I smile when I realize that so many Founder’s Circle “events” are focused around food, but we are women, aren’t we? And I’ve always said that Founder’s Circle is the event where you can truly overdose on sugar! I’ll admit that I’m looking forward to a few days with no treats at all! (Well, perhaps I’ll sneak in one or two. . . )

Of course, it’s not all about food at Founder’s Circle. There was the perfect blend of planned activities as well as free time. I think Sara and Shalae and I got a chance to chat with every demonstrator at least once . . .or twice. . . or even more!

I absolutely LOVED our night at Tuacahn, watching “The Little Mermaid.” Wonderful show, great cast, perfect setting there in the red rock canyon outdoor theater. And the last night’s golf “game” (a different activity at every hole) was wonderfully entertaining! And the weather cooperated perfectly for both of those outdoor activities!

Someone asked me what my favorite Founder’s Circle event was, and I have to say, even though we do it every year—and even though I loved everything we did this year—I still love our time in Kanab best. It’s not just a tour of our manufacturing facility there, but a hands-on chance to get involved in the process and understand it in a way you never could in any other way. It’s such a unique chance for demonstrators and employees to rub shoulders, work side by side, and share their enthusiasm and passion for what they’re doing. It feeds the spirits of demonstrators and employees alike, and I look forward to it every year!

There was a little extra surprise this year. I’ll blog about it in greater detail next month, but suffice it to say that a demonstrator got wind of a certain milestone birthday that I am celebrating next month, and she invited Founder’s Circle participants to bring a card and page to help celebrate. I have pictures, as well as the pile of cards and pages (and a few other surprises), and I’m waiting until my actual birthday to open them. So I’ll share more about that later. . .

So now I’m home and already looking forward to tomorrow—our annual Advisory Board Retreat. More on that later too!