The Order-Taking Queen

Shanna did a workshop last night, with Shalae as her demonstrator, and I came along as a helper! I enjoy doing workshops, and this one was especially enjoyable because the projects were already designed—the hostess gift were four cards and a fabric holder that Shalae and I showed at convention, the demonstration was the bat I showed at the Charlotte regional, and the Make & Takes were the 3x3 cards (we converted them into tags) from Sara’s convention presentation. All we had to do was a little prep work, and we were off and running!

As I mentioned, Shanna was the hostess. It goes without saying that the refreshments were more than delicious; she always does such a nice job! Sales were nothing to shout about, but Shalae got a booking and guests who are interested in attending her upcoming class, so that was nice. 

The thing that was most memorable for me was taking orders. Shalae had to leave at 8:30, and the workshop wasn’t quite over when she left. The demonstrating and stamping were over, of course—we’d planned that well. But the chatting was still going strong! 

She felt badly about leaving, but I told her I’d cover for her, no problem. After all, how hard can it be to take orders, right? (I can see our demonstrators smiling. . . )

Wow, did I learn something—it’s been way too long since I’ve taken an order! What in the world is the difference between an “A” state and a “C” state? And how much tax do we charge in Utah? Oh, it was quite amusing to watch me with my iPhone calculator (which I barely know how to run), trying to take orders and text Shalae with questions and pretend like I knew what I was doing . . .

Well, you get the picture. Thankfully, the guests were gracious and kind. Only one dared laugh openly (and she’s a friend of mine, so I guess she has that right), but I’m sure everyone was smiling inside. I know I found it quite funny! 

I’ve made a mental note to take an order-taking crash course before my next workshop! And in the meantime, I have new respect for our demonstrators who can whip those orders out so quickly—it’s definitely a skill I have to work on!