An Unexpected Announcement

I've got an announcement to make: Shalae is no longer a working mother--at least not a full-time, or even part-time working mother!

That's right, last week on our drive down to Founder's Circle, she gave me her two weeks' notice! I was caught unaware but not entirely surprised. She loves Stampin' Up! and has been involved for years, working as my assistant for many years before pulling back to part-part-time to start her family.

After she returned from Georgia, her intent was to start up again. Her children were no longer babies, the youngest was almost two. I watched her struggle to keep up a fairly regular part-time schedule while Jon was in Georgia finishing graduate school . . . many of you know how hard it is to balance family and work. We all expected that when Jon came back, it would get a little easier.

Surprisingly, it wasn't. The boys were out of school for the summer, her babysitter quit, the kids struggled with health issues. . . if it wasn't one thing it was another. But we all thought things would settle down when school started, and they could establish a little routine.

Again, things didn't settle down, and Jon and Shalae took a very close look at things. Together they prayed about it and realized that, for the Brown family, the right thing was for her to stay at home. (Although realistically, she'll probably be involved in a few things on a part-part-part-time basis. .. ) 

I'm proud of her for making this decision--and I'm very grateful that their family is in a position where it's possible. I also know she'll be back--when the time is right! And in the meantime, Sara and I will muddle through without her! (smile)