A Canyon Family Tradition




We’ve tried all summer to get up the canyon for our traditional family picnic, but haven’t been able to do it—until last night! We finally got all our calendars synced. . . we’re discovering that as our grandchildren are growing and playing sports and taking lessons and doing all sorts of extracurricular activities, it’s harder to find a few free hours when all six families can get together. 

It was certainly worth the effort, however! Everyone but Jon was there (he had a meeting he needed to attend), and as I looked around at all the most important people in my life, I felt an overwhelming gratitude for each of them—and the beautiful place we were at.

I love the mountains—they are majestic and strong and peaceful. I have taken a few hikes this year, and Sterling and I have gone up with Shanna and Jared, so I’ve been able to enjoy their grandeur a little this summer (although certainly not nearly as much as I’d like to!)

But I was grateful for the chance we had to continue our family tradition of everybody getting together for Sterling’s yummy Dutch Oven dinner. It was especially sweet this year because we have Megan and Nate back in our midst; we’ve missed having them live nearby, and we’re excited to have them living closer again.


And that’s about it. The setting was fabulous, the company was great, and I was so grateful that everyone made the effort to be there.