A Makeover in Austin

Don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’ve been quiet for a few days—I’ve been working on a special project! Sara, Shalae, and I (along with Sterling and Jon) flew to Austin, Texas, this week to complete the Stamp Space Makeover that was announced at our convention this summer. 

Tamzin Cochrane was the winner of the makeover, and we’ve spent a delightful almost-three days in her home, having a wonderful experience as we worked on her stamp space makeover.

I won’t go into great detail about the actual makeover; you’ll start to see more complete details in the January Stampin’ Success. Instead, I’ll focus in this blog on the opportunity we had to be welcomed into the Cochrane home and family.

Tamzin and her husband, Allan, have four children—two older children (Cara , 21, and Jack, 17) and two younger children (Alex, 10, and Ben, 9 in October).  They are from the United Kingdom and moved to Texas about three years ago, so we had a fun time listening to their mesmerizing accents and becoming familiar with the different terms they use.

From the first minute we entered their home (Sara, Shalae, and Jon got there earlier on Monday to do a little prep work; Sterling and I arrived Monday night), we felt comfortable. The Cochrane family is kind, gracious, and helpful. Tamzin has been anticipating this for quite some time, and her whole family was supportive—and almost as excited as she was!

Tamzin is a great cook and invited us to eat all our meals with her family. Turns out that was a fabulous way to get to know them better (which is always one of my favorite things to do), as well as save time because we didn’t have to leave her house to eat.

Because we wouldn’t let Tamzin into her “stamping heaven,” as she calls it, until we were done, she had to expend that energy somewhere—and the kitchen is where she went! She cooked practically nonstop the entire time we were there (other than the morning she went out for an event), and we (and our stomachs) were the lucky recipients!

I counted and Tamzin actually served us 10 (yes, 10!) desserts; some meals had more than one treat at the end. And I couldn’t not try them all, right? The meals she served us were also yummy—the best lasagna I’ve ever tasted, plus some other dishes that were new  and delicious!

And eating wasn’t the only fun thing about meals with the Cochrane family. Even more enjoyable was getting to know them, seeing them interact as a family, and sharing several of my family members with them as well. We had wonderful conversations and enjoyed the break each meal provided.

All in all, it was a wonderful (and exhausting) few days!

I will show you the before shot here, as well as a few process shots, just to whet your appetite! You can see a little bit of the work we did.

We actually placed a camera in one spot up in the corner of the ceiling, and it took a picture every 10 seconds or so, so we have a time-lapsed record of the entire adventure!

So, watch for more about the Stamp Space Makeover!