Quick and Easy Halloween Decor

My Halloween decorations have been up for a few days, and this year I decided to add a little Definitely Decorative Décor Elements. I’ve used these before, but I’ve put them on windows and mirrors, so at the end of the holiday, I take them down and can't use them again. I love that this is a project that can be used year after year!

The plate doesn’t need to be anything fancy; you can find them pretty cheap at thrift or dollar stores.  And the Frightful Sights Décor Element is $11.95 for five separate images. Depending on how many images you use on a plate, these can make very affordable décor items—for yourself or as a gift for others.

And talk about easy! You just apply the Décor Element, slap on a couple of Rhinestone eyes, and you’re ready for the holiday! This is simple enough to demonstrate at a workshop (and it would make a perfect hostess gift!) or use in a class or stamp camp.

We’re ready for Halloween at the Gardner home!