It’s been a LOOOONNNNGGGG time since I’ve done a Q&A. I set a precedent when I started doing a blog by keeping track of the questions you asked and answering them (most of them, at least) every few months. Well, I knew it had been awhile since I’d done that, but I didn’t realize how long it had actually been! Thanks for your patience. . . I’ll try not to let it go so long again!

As a quick reminder, I don’t record your product ideas or suggestions here, but I do forward them to the appropriate department. . .  Also, another quick note—I don’t always read your comments in a timely manner. Reading blog comments is kind of a “reward” for me, after I get caught up on various assignments and tasks, and it may take a few days or even a week or two before I get to them. So if you have a comment that is time sensitive in any way, please go through the appropriate channels to draw it to my attention.

Now let’s get to those questions!

Can you share the gingerbread cookie recipe please?

Shanna helped me make those two thousand cookies (or rather, I helped her!), and she posted the recipe on her blog. Here’s the link. . .

I’m disappointed that the free My Digital Studio downloads that you mentioned on your blog weren’t available in all countries.

Me too! That’s a fair comment, and we definitely understand! We’re working to offer more products in our international markets, and over time, you will see that happen. But in the meantime just know that we would love it if we could offer all our products in all our markets!

Will we be getting the Sweet Pressed cookie stamps in the UK (or other markets)?

To be honest, I don’t know. And if I did know, I couldn’t say or somebody in our product development department would shoot me! Or at least scold me severely! See the answer above—we are working to offer more products in our international markets . . .

What did the African American couple (in your Halloween blog) use to paint their bodies? They looked great.

They used colored hairspray. . . .

I was disappointed to see the picture of the couple dressed up as African Americans on your Halloween party blog. It felt racist to me.

I’m so sorry it felt that way! I certainly didn’t intend it in that way at all! I saw them more as dressing up in period costumes; the woman was wearing an outfit that her mother had actually worn—and kept—from the ‘80s and those Afro wigs just reminded me of the Jackson Five! When I saw them, it just brought back a flood of memories for me, and I didn’t even think about it being perceived in any other way as an era costume. I apologize if I offended anyone.  

I sew special Stampin’ Up! Special Delivery bags out of Stampin’ Up! fabric. Would Stampin’ Up! consider doing that to support our efforts to lower our carbon footprint? I would also like to be able to opt out of receiving plastic bags with each order I make.

What a great idea! Many of us are more conscious these days of plastic bags and recycling and things like that. At Stampin’ Up!, we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. I’ve passed this idea on to appropriate departments. Thanks for sharing it!

When you mention/promote US/CAN-only promotions on your blog, it makes it difficult for us in other markets because people ask us about them. . .

Thank you for drawing my attention to this. I’ll try to be more sensitive to this and be as inclusive as possible whenever possible! If I do mention a promotion, I’ll at least make sure to point out which markets it applies to. I’ll also try to make sure that what I do post (videos, information, tutorials, etc.) can be used in any and all markets in which the promotion is running.

Can you post “after” photos of the Stamp Space Makeover on your blog for those of us who don’t get the magazine?

That’s the plan! Leadership is coming up next week, and we’ll be sharing the Stamp Space Makeover video and pictures there with our leader demonstrators. I’ll be sure to share them here afterwards.

Is My Digital Studio compatible with a Mac?

Absolutely! That’s what I use. . .

I love the random posts about the folks at the Stampin' Up! offices, and I would really enjoy seeing more of them. We see a lot of the Corporate Team and the "regulars" at convention and regionals, but I'd love to get to know more about the behind-the-scenes people who make all the magic happen!

I love this idea! I’ll be looking for opportunities to do more of this. . .

What adhesive did you use on the bat project from Charlotte regional?

Oh my gosh. . . that was back in September! I’m so sorry it’s been so long! Depending on where the adhesive was used (you didn’t specify in your question), the adhesive was either our Tombow or Sticky Strip.

Do you bring your own horses on Sterling’s rides or are they already there?

We bring along our own horses! Sterling trains with those horses and has quite a relationship with them!

Can you change future promotion dates to “postmarked by a certain date” rather than “arrive in the home office”? It’s sometimes very hard to make the deadline when you live across the country.

I understand your concerns. In the “olden days” that’s what we did, and it just created so many problems! Promotions had to run longer to allow for shipping and delivery time. Mail was lost and sometimes arrived weeks late. Things always seemed to go wrong. . . . Although it costs a little extra, today there are several options to ensure that mail is delivered, even across the country, in a few days. Even overnight if necessary. I know that sometimes creates extra work and expense for you, but hopefully the promotion is worth it!

Who plans your events?

We have an internal Events staff that is absolutely amazing! They work on every aspect of every event we have, from our convention and regionals to our incentive trips and special events. I am very proud of the incredible work they do!

Are your kids lining up to work at Stampin’ Up!

LOL. I really did giggle when I read this. Actually, all of our girls—and their husbands—have worked at Stampin’ Up! at some point or another. Several of them work there now. While we don’t expect any of our children (or grandchildren for that matter) to work at Stampin’ Up!, our goal is to make Stampin’ Up! a great place to work for anyone, regardless of whether or not they’re a member of the Gardner family.

Did you fill the whole ship (Alaska cruise) with Stampin’ Up! demonstrators?

Wouldn’t that have been nice! No, we didn’t, but we would love to someday! We’ve never filled a cruise ship with all demonstrators and their families and guests, although we have come close a few times.

Why was the Stamp Space Makeover limited to convention attendees? We all work hard and deserve a chance at this. ..

I absolutely appreciate all Stampin’ Up! demonstrators and the support and enthusiasm they have for Stampin’ Up!  That said, the Stamp Space Makeover was designed from the very beginning as a “perk” for convention attendees. We were looking for ways to encourage and motivate demonstrators who make the effort and sacrifice to attend convention. While we recognize—and respect—that all demonstrators can’t attend convention, we will always try to make sure that those who do are rewarded for that effort.

Every time I see your family pictures, it strikes me that Shalae looks so "familiar." It finally hit me that she reminds me of Katie Couric. Is that a resemblance that your family members have noticed?

No one has ever mentioned that to me or Shalae (I asked her). However, I’ve been told several times through the years that I look like Katie Couric, a comment I’ve always taken as a compliment. And if Shalae looks like her, then maybe that means we (Shalae and I) look a little alike as well. I think Shalae (and all of my girls) are beautiful, so that’s definitely a compliment!