Bird Daze: Day 2

I fell in love with this stunning little bliss bird the minute I saw him (her?). Even now, every time I look at him, I want to reach out and touch those beautiful wings and textured body.

He’s part of my Valentine’s Day vignette right now, but I like him so much I might be keeping him out year-round. And because he’s a nice neutral color, he really would be a great addition to any home décor any time of year.

And what I really like is, although he’s absolutely eye-catching, he’s not hard to make. His body is an old canvas bag and his wings are layers of tulle (both cut out using my favorite Elegant Bird Bigz Die, of course.) His body is hand-stitched together, with edges frayed and a French knot eye. “Bliss” is stamped on one side; “Hope” is stamped on the other. He’s perched on a dowel stuck in an old thread spool, and both he and the spool are nicely accessorized with a variety of beautiful accents.

Yep, he’s definitely a keeper!