Bird Daze: Day 5

Honestly, when we first started talking about a bird die, this is the project that came to my mind—a gorgeous, graceful bird flying effortlessly through the air. She (and this one definitely is a she because a he would never put up with so much bling!) hangs from the chandelier over our dining room table.

The wings are adhered together, and then glittered. The seam binding ties the wings to the body, so the wings can (and do) actually move sometimes, as if she were flying. And every time I look at her, I smile  because she’s so perfect, so light, so exquisite. . .

I hung her above the table so that while we eat, we can look up and read her “Dare to Dream” message. I’m especially hoping my grandchildren, who join us many Sundays for dinner, will see the message. Dreaming is an important part of an exciting, inspiring life, and I hope to always dream—and encourage those around me to do the same!