Bird Daze: Day 6

I thought I’d end the string of bird projects with this stunning spread, which is definitely all about the birds!

I like the way that this project spotlighted the versatility of the wings; you’ll notice that the wings are not only embossed differently, but actually arranged different as well, creating two very unique looks. It’s quite clear that we’ve got a girl bird (with polka dots and lace and rhinestones) and a boy bird (more simple with stripes). Isn’t that clever?

And the banner that they are holding in their beaks is adorable too. . . the perfect way to tie (not literally) the two pages together!

Finally, I think that either page (but especially the one on the left) could be re-created as cards too! So this is kind of a bonus project . . . two for the price of one!

Have I dazzled you enough with the new Elegant Bird Die? I sure hope so—I want you to love this die as much as I do!