Celebrating Joyce

We’ve been busy the past couple of days celebrating a milestone here at Stampin’ Up! Joyce Feraco, an amazing million-dollar achiever, visited the home office (one of the rewards that comes when a demonstrators reaches this level), and we’ve enjoyed every minute celebrating her great accomplishment.

Joyce and her husband, Frank, arrived in Salt Lake City on Wednesday morning. After checking into their hotel, they headed to the home office on Wednesday afternoon, where we had been anticipating their arrival—for weeks!

At the home office, we are well aware of when our demonstrators reach important milestones, and we track their progress, probably almost as closely as they do! The minute Joyce reached her million-dollar sales mark, we started the wheels in motion for planning a home office trip designed just for her, a trip she would remember always!

The news of her accomplishment was shared with our employees, and they were all told when her home office visit would be. Million-dollar “Joyce” buttons were handed out to each employee, refreshments were planned, the atrium was decorated, and everything was in place for an afternoon celebration that would show Joyce how much we appreciate and honor her.    


As Joyce and Frank drove up, they were greeted by several CT members, and Rich Jutkins handed Joyce a beautiful bouquet of flowers. They walked the red carpet into the building, where they were greeted by hundreds of Stampin’ Up! employees cheering as loudly as they could!

I was there to give Joyce a hug—and to see her reaction. I could tell (and she confirmed later) that she was absolutely overwhelmed by the greeting; Frank said she was in tears before she even reached the front door!

After receiving her bonus check (or an oversized replica), Joyce and Frank spent the rest of the afternoon greeting employees , nibbling on tasty bite-size cheesecake treats (which all the employees enjoyed as well), and taking a tour of the home office. In addition, each employee as well as Joyce and Frank received a gift bag of toffee, handmade by one of our Stampin’ Up! employees!

That evening, Joyce and Frank went to dinner with the CT. Joyce had chosen to eat at the Lion House Pantry Restaurant, a large pioneer house in downtown Salt Lake City that has been turned into a restaurant. The food was delicious, and the company was even better, so it was a wonderful evening!

On Thursday morning, Frank headed off with Rich, Chad Richards, and Dave Baugh for a day of adventure, while Joyce came to my house for a day of crafting. When our Special Events team asked Joyce what she wanted to do with me, she said quilt, so I spent a few days before Joyce arrived trying to come up with a fun project. I don’t quilt, so I was excited about the prospect of trying it out with Joyce, but I was also nervous about letting her down. What if she was a master quilter and expected us to pull together an amazing quilt in a day?

Finally, after worrying about it far more than I needed to, I gave Joyce a call, just to clarify what her expectations were. I’m so glad I did! Turns out she’s not much any more of a quilter than I am, but she wanted to try something new and different, maybe even incorporate our Big Shot dies a bit. “I don’t really care what we do,” she told me. “I just want to do what you would do if you were spending the day with a friend.”

Her answer will forever stay in my mind, first because it was so sweet! And second, because it made me stop and think what I would do if I were to spend a day with my friends! That just doesn’t happen. . . I get away for a lunch, or sometimes dinner and a movie. But an entire day. . . . well, it was fun to think about!

So when Joyce arrived, we got to work and had a great time working on a quilted artwork. It’s always fun to see people give a project their own personal creative touch. I had an idea in mind, and Joyce ran with it, adding a few things that made the piece uniquely hers. We took a break for lunch at Dear Lizzie (where I treated her to a sparkly crown, just to reaffirm that she was queen for the day!), then went back to the house for more crafting.

Each time I have a million-dollar achiever spend the day crafting with me, I worry about the same thing—what if we run out of things to say?!

I should know better by now! I have never met a stamper I couldn’t chat with, and Joyce was no exception! We spent hours talking—and we could have spent hours more! I loved getting to know Joyce better, finding out about her and her family, her interests, her business, what she enjoys. . . the list goes on and on. It was absolutely delightful, and I was amazed at how fast time flew by!

Eventually, our day was over. Joyce headed back to the hotel to pick up Frank, and then we all met again for dinner at Rino’s, a quaint little Italian place in Salt Lake; Joyce chose Italian! Originally, Sterling and I were supposed to take Joyce and Frank to dinner, but Sterling’s been fighting a stomach bug, so he was definitely not up to it. I called Pam Morgan (who had been out of town and hadn’t made dinner the evening before) and invited her and her husband Chris to join us, which they did.

I thought about bowing out and letting Pam and Chris play host for the night; I was, after all, the third wheel. But it had been a great day, and I wasn’t ready for it to end. Besides, I wanted to hear about Frank’s day with the boys, so I went along!

And I’m glad I did—they had had quite a day as well, enjoying an IFly adventure (indoor sky diving in a vertical wind tunnel) in Ogden and a tour of the Olympic Park (Salt Lake City hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics) in Park City. Their adventures were capped off with a bobsled ride down the Olympic track, where they reached 80 mph!

Joyce and Frank headed back home this morning, and Joyce and I can now officially say that we’re “quilters.” OK, maybe not quilters, but we have quilted! It’s close to the same thing, isn’t it? (smile)