A Wonderful Washington Weekend

Got off the plane in Washington Friday evening and was happy—the weather was beautiful. . . clear skies, warm temps, loved it. For those familiar with Washington, clear skies are rare, so I was thrilled. Of course, I didn’t spend much (any?) time outside, but it was nice to imagine being there . . . .

Inside was pretty wonderful as well. It was our largest regional of the season so far, and the crowd was great! Energy was high, and I loved visiting with as many demonstrators and guests as I could. There’s never enough time to talk with everyone as much as I would like, but I’m grateful for the few moments here and there that I’m able to connect.

There were a few different twists to this regional. Scott Nielsen, our CFO, attended and spoke. He’s from Tacoma (he talked about that in his presentation), and it was fun to hear him talk about sharing your why.

We also had a few other home office faces working behind the scenese who aren’t normally with us; they were running cameras and teleprompt. They did a wonderful job, as did everyone else. I love the My Way presentations—we had four this time—and I always learn something new or see something I want to try.


I shared a last-minute project. I actually was ready with a holiday project (there were a lot of fun holiday ideas that were shared); it was packed in my Craft Keeper and ready to go. Then I realized that I really needed a fall-themed thank-you card to send to the many people who have worked with us on the opening of Brick Canvas, so I made a quick change. Two benefits to that decision: I now have the fall cards I need for my immediate needs PLUS I’m packed and ready for our Lansing regional. Sweet!

So this is a simple, super-easy card that is perfect for any thank-you (or any other sentiment, for that matter) that you send this time of year. I’m going to make lots of them. . . . there are always people who I’m grateful for.

And I’m certainly grateful to our Tacoma crowd! Thanks for being there and making my Washington weekend so wonderful!