I'm Kind of In Love

Yes, with Sterling. But he’s got a little competition these days. . . I’ve fallen for our Glass Stampin’ Glitter.  I’ve always liked sparkle and shine, and I just can’t get enough of our Glass Glitter. I’m particularly fond of the Champagne color (probably because I’m using it right now to create some Christmas ornaments), but the Silver is pretty fabulous too!

Besides being quick and easy to work with (you can use it to embellish any project), I’ve discovered that it tarnishes with time. And for an antique lover like me, that just makes any Glass Glitter project look more rich over time.

I don’t know if any of you remember the bird project I shared, but this little guy has become one of my favorite-ever home décor items. He’s been out almost the entire year! I just barely tucked him inside of a box for Halloween because he just doesn’t fit with my Halloween vignette, but believe me, he’s coming right back out as soon as Halloween is over!

Here’s one of the Christmas ornaments, as well as a couple of other fun, quick Glass Glitter projects I thought I’d share. I’m betting you’ll fall in love too!